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Safety Pack 1: Ultra Balm 3 oz. Tube plus Ultra Hand Sanitizer
Ultra Hand Sanitizer 62% alcohol to kill germs, made in the USA

SAFETY SANITIZER PACK 1: Ultra Balm Tube plus Ultra Hand Sanitizer

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    1. Ultra Hand Sanitizer 8 oz. Bottle - Best hand sanitizer to effectively kill germs, including viruses. It contains 62% alcohol, which exceeds the CDC’s guidance of at least 60% alcohol content. Ultra Hand Sanitizer kills most types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. And, it contains aloe vera gel and coconut oil to help moisturize and further protect skin from harmful bacteria.
    2. Ultra Balm 3 oz. Tube - Best natural, daily moisturizer for all skin types to give you milky soft skin. Contains lanolin, vitamins A, D and E, grapefruit seed extract and aloe vera to soften dry, itchy skin and even provide psoriasis and eczema relief. The natural ingredients in Ultra Balm work together to repair skin cells that have been damaged by sun, pollutants and the body's own aging process to reveal a more youthful-looking complexion. Ultra Balm lasts all day and won't wash off. It is formulated to moisturize face, body, dry hands and cracked heels.

Hand sanitizers are a convenient way to wash your hands and kill germs, including viruses. It's important to make sure the hand sanitizer you choose contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Studies have found that sanitizers with less than 60 to 95 percent alcohol are not as effective at killing germs. Hand sanitizers provide several advantages over washing your hands with soap and water. 

Benefits of using hand sanitizers:

  • reduce bacteria on hands
  • act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands
  • are less irritating to skin than soap and water
  • require less time than hand washing
  • are more convenient and accessible than sinks
  • do not promote antimicrobial resistance


Cracks from dry skin can let the virus in!

According to the CDC, "Moisturizing is beneficial for skin health and reducing microbial dispersion from skin, regardless of whether the product used contains an antibacterial ingredient."

According to the Washington Post, “Cracked and bleeding hands are also more susceptible to infections. Moisturizing hands does reduce microbial shedding from the skin and is part of good hand hygiene, which will protect people from picking up viruses and reduce the likelihood of transmission.”

According to the Chicago Tribune: “Apply moisturizer each time after washing your hands."

    5-star natural skincare at

    "I've been using Ultra Balm for many years and it works so great! I stopped for a little while and used other products and there is no comparison! Nothing else works as good as Ultra Balm! I have very sensitive dry skin with eczema and old age tiny bumps. Ultra Balm clears it up almost immediately. I highly recommend this product for everyone!" ~ Jackie

    All Ultra Essence products are made in the USA at our cruelty-free, medical grade FDA registered manufacturing facility.