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20 Great Ways to Have Fun and Be Productive at Home

Staying Home? Do Something Positive!

During this trying time of quarantines, store closings and staying at home, we all have the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. 

During the Black Plague in England, 
Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, Antony and Cleopatra and King Lear, even though his three sisters and son died of the plague. 

You may not write a novel, but you could keep your spirits up by doing something fun and constructive with your newly found free time. Here are some ideas to help you be productive and have some fun at home:

20 Great Ways to Have Fun and Be Productive at Home
  1. Dance to your favorite music or try free online dance instruction
  2. Dust off and play board games with your family
  3. Try a new recipe and have your family enjoy cooking together
  4. Show old family videos or reminisce over photos albums
  5. Learn something new with an online course
  6. Have a BBQ and play with your kids in the yard, fly a kite, play t-ball
  7. Catch up on spring cleaning, closet organizing and junk drawer clean outs
  8. Schedule movie night with your family complete with popcorn and blankets
  9. Revive your artistic self by painting, drawing or creating some beautiful craft work
  10. Play an instrument to get away from the television and mobile phone
  11. Get outside and do some yard cleanup and gardening—your neighbors will love you for it
  12. Call a friend and catch up on what’s happening in their life
  13. Read a good book and don’t forget to read books to your children
  14. Search online for instructions on how to write letters to our military service members to help lift their spirits
  15. Take an online virtual tour of famous museums
  16. Watch good stand up comedians and shows that make you laugh
  17. Clear out household items you no longer need and give them to charity
  18. Do some stretches and exercise to an online fitness program
  19. Have a romantic dinner with candlelight, tablecloth, wine and music
  20. Pamper yourself with self care that is so overdue:
  • Give yourself a pedicure and manicure
  • Try a new hair style
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Clean and moisturize your face with Ultra Facial Cleanse
  • Reduce your cellulite and smooth your dimpled thighs with Ultra Diminish
  • Plump up aging skin cells and reduce wrinkles with Ultra Reverse
  • Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays with Ultra Sun Safe
  • Renew dry cracked skin, restore your skin’s pH level and protect your skin's moisture barrier with Ultra Balm! 

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Christa B. Kantner is an accomplished writer, researcher, graphic and web designer, marketing executive and entrepreneur. Christa has a wealth of information at her disposal to help people who are searching for a natural way to renew their skin and age beautifully. She does her best writing when she feels her readers need to become aware of the real facts instead of hype in the skin care industry.

The Udder Truth newsletter strives to raise awareness about the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare products. Christa writes about Ultra Essence Skin Care products because they contain a rich formula of natural ingredients that began over 100 years ago as a powerful healing balm for cow udders. Now, specially formulated for people, these udderly-fabulous skincare products transform problem skin to milky soft, age defying skin.