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Skin Condition: Cellulite

Cellulite | Ultra Essence natural skin care products, with anti aging benefits, are specially formulated to moisturize dry skin for radiant milky-soft skin.

The Problem: Cellulite

Cellulite is dimpled skin that looks lumpy located mostly on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. It can also be found on the breasts and upper arms. Cellulite is thought to affect more than 85% of women over the age of 20. Mild cellulite can be seen by pinching the skin on your thighs. More severe cellulite can be seen without pinching the skin since it appears bumpy and often has visible peaks and valleys. This is referred to as orange peel texture or cottage cheese.

When we age, cellulite becomes more common due to the loss of skin elasticity as we age. Women have cellulite more then men because women’s fat distribution is mainly in the thighs, hips and buttocks and the fat cells and connective tissue sit vertically in the skin. On the other hand, men have tissue in a criss-cross structure, which is a pattern that shows less cellulite.

Cellulite can be caused from toxic accumulation, enlarge fat cells, poor circulation, fibrosis of connecting tissue and water retention.

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The lymphatic system detoxifies your body. When your lymphatic flow becomes sluggish, due to sedentary habits of not moving, toxins start to build up in your tissues and cells. Fat cells accumulate 500-1000 times more toxins than other cells. This imbalance causes your fat cells to enlarge, which leads to cellulite.


Fat cells store energy for the body. If we eat too many high-calorie foods, our bodies will make more fat cells and enlarge the existing fat cells to help accommodate the storage of more energy. This occurs especially when we eat too many high-calorie foods combined with a lifestyle of low activity.


Healthy skin renewal requires good blood circulation. Poor circulation reduces essential nutrients from reaching the hips, buttocks and thighs and weakens the skin's connective tissue leading to cellulite.


Fibrosis is the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue. It seems that cellulite becomes more apparent when the body forms an extracellular matrix structure that creates tension in the surrounding fat tissue trying to restrict the expansion of the fat cells. 

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Fluid retention can occur due to medications, heredity or during the menstrual cycle. It can also be caused by a high intake of sugar or salt, improper exercise, heat, stress or hormonal imbalance. Water retention may look just like cellulite. Many of us have a combination of water retention and cellulite.

The Solution: Ultra Essence Skincare Products

Cellulite | Ultra Essence natural skin care products, with anti aging benefits, are specially formulated to moisturize dry skin for radiant milky-soft skin.

To protect against cellulite, drink plenty of water to help remove toxins and encourage circulation and lymphatic flow. A good diet of lean protein, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats are rich in nutrients and will help your body function properly, producing collagen and cell regeneration. Get physical, including weight training, to improve circulation and firming up the skin. By reducing your total body fat, you will also help the appearance of cellulite. Use a natural cellulite cream specifically formulated with caffeine, vitamins D, E and A (Retinol) plus aloe vera and natural oils to nourish the skin and not clog pores.

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Ultra Essence skincare products are paraben free, gluten free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and hypoallergenic. They are formulated with natural ingredients that end dry skin forever, relieve skin conditions and reverse the signs of aging.

The following Ultra Essence skincare products are dermatologist recommended and very effective for cellulite:

Cellulite Skin Care Routine | Ultra Essence natural skin care products, with anti aging benefits, are specially formulated to moisturize dry skin for radiant milky-soft skin.
  • The main product we recommend from our skincare line for cellulite is Ultra Diminish. One of the Best Alternatives to Surgery! Ultra Diminish is a superior natural anti-cellulite treatment cream that contains a premium proprietary blend of 7% pure caffeine, aloe vera, natural oils, plus vitamins A, D and E. Effectively reduces cellulite as it nourishes the skin to look younger. Our paraben-free and fragrance-free formula absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. The Retinol in Ultra Diminish helps the skin absorb caffeine better and exfoliates the outer layer of the skin by speeding up the body’s production of collagen. Our superior delivery system holds Ultra Diminish in place long enough to absorb and increase circulation, thereby reducing cellulite. Also, like our Ultra Balm moisturizer, this product doesn’t clog pores like some cellulite creams do. No other cream offers you all of this in one product. Most users see significant results within a few days to a week. 
“I was using Nivea and also tried Amilean Cellulite cream and neither of them did anything. Your Ultra Diminish, I swear works wonders and I get results very fast.” ~ Sheila Rosenberg, San Francisco, CA

  • In addition to Ultra Diminish, we also recommend Ultra Balm (or Ultra Handy Man for men). Ultra Balm is our signature daily moisturizer and a customer favorite for over 15 years. Ultra Balm’s non-greasy formula does not clog pores. It contains lanolin, vitamins A, D and E, grapefruit seed extract and aloe vera to repair skin cells that have been damaged by the sun, pollutants and the body's own aging process. These natural ingredients fight against acne and dry skin to reveal a more clear, youthful-looking complexion. Ultra Balm is long-lasting and is formulated to moisturize the face and body without a greasy feeling that stays on the surface of your skin. Ultra Balm soaks right in as the skin welcomes the nutrients it needs to stay milky soft and balanced. Ultra Balm is proud of its formulation that maintains a PH Level of about a 6.0 helping to keep your skin healthy.
“This is the best shaving cream and all around skin softener I have ever found. I have been using Ultra Balm exclusively for 3 years, and everyone asks how I get my 50-year-old skin so smooth and soft. In fact, no one believes I am 50.” ~ Daniel Saunders

  • Last, but not least, we recommend Ultra Sun Safeour 5-in-1 sunscreen: 1. Moisturizes 2. Hydrates 3. Firms 4. Soothes 5. Protects. Ultra Sun Safe is the best SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen/sunblock lotion with aloe vera and calming botanicals for effective UVA and UVB protection. Ultra Sun Safe moisturizes while it heals and protects, and is safe for baby and kids. It’s natural ingredients, such as shea butter, coco butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grapefruit seed extract work together to refresh and restore skin. Its rich formula is water resistant and non-greasy—your skin feels velvet to the touch. Our hydrating formula is sweat resistant, will not run and sting your eyes, and absorbs quickly into the skin. It has no visible film and will not flake when dry to enjoy every daily activity in the sun.

“I’m a model and an actress and I love going to the beach but have to be very careful to protect my face from sun burns and possible blistering, as a lot of my work requires close up shots of my face. A makeup artist recommended I try your Ultra Sun Safe and it has really worked beautifully for me. I no longer worry about enjoying the sun. This stuff is fabulous!!” ~ Jennifer Leigh, Beverly Hills, CA


The above suggested remedies and recommendations are for cosmetic purposes only. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Talk to your health care provider or dermatologist before taking any Ultra Essence natural skincare product with any prescription or over the counter drugs (including any herbal medicines or supplements) or following any treatment or regimen.