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6 Tips to Clean Your Face In the Winter and Fight Dry Skin All Season Long

Did you know that your face needs its own kind of care than the rest of your body? And, depending on the season, you may need a different facial cleanser and skincare routine. So, how can you remove dirt and makeup and prevent breakouts while preserving the protective pH balance on your face?

Winter weather can make your skin dry and flakey. To keep your skin clean and supple all season long, follow these proven tips:

  1. Wash your face only once a day.
  2. Avoid washing with hot water (lukewarm is best).
  3. Rinse with cool water.
  4. Short showers or baths are less drying.
  5. Don’t rub your skin—gently pat your skin instead.
  6. Use a cleanser that moisturizes and cleans at the same time.

Ultra Facial Cleanser: Your Winter Worries Are Over
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"I’ve been using your new Ultra Facial Cleanser for several months and even though it thoroughly cleans my face, it doesn't dry my skin out." ~ Kenya Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT

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Christa B. Kantner is an accomplished writer, researcher, graphic and web designer, marketing executive and entrepreneur. Christa has a wealth of information at her disposal to help people who are searching for a natural way to renew their skin and age beautifully. She does her best writing when she feels her readers need to become aware of the real facts instead of hype in the skin care industry.

The Udder Truth newsletter strives to raise awareness about the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare products. Christa writes about Ultra Essence Skin Care products because they contain a rich formula of natural ingredients that began over 100 years ago as a powerful healing balm for cow udders. Now, specially formulated for people, these udderly-fabulous skincare products transform problem skin to milky soft, age defying skin.