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Why Ultra Essence Skin Care Products are Made in the USA

Once upon a time, there were small town communities where you could purchase Mrs. Sally’s homemade preserves or have Mr. George’s son fix your car. You could depend on the quality of locally-grown farm fresh vegetables or freshly baked breads from the people you knew best—your neighbors. The economy and morale of these small communities survived and thrived because of patrons like you.

With the evolution of time and the advent of bigger cities, mom and pop stores gradually became few and far between. However, products being made in America is still being done. Some have turned into larger corporations and serve a larger community. Yes, our backyard has grown, but we can still get quality products by continuing to buy goods and services, whenever possible, that are still made in the USA.

Buying in America has long-term benefits.  Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. When you buy American, you save and/or create jobs in America. This is the foundation of our economy and its preservation is paramount to our stability and survival.
  2. When you buy American, you know there are legal regulations to maintain product quality standards, protect human rights (such as minimum wage regulations) and as well as the environment. We have a greater chance at being the cause of a healthy Earth for our children.
  3. When you buy American, the money stays in the United States. That money pays the workers that are responsible for creating your product and those people, in turn; spend their money on American-made goods and services and this creates a healthy cycle. That cycle is the stable economy we all depend on.

As a global leader, the United States of America has a responsibility to be an example to other nations. Being a model for economic sustainability, stability and prosperity requires maintaining the flow of resources within America. Think about it—steady employment, healthy wages, and an economic system you can trust are key to building and maintaining a successful and happy life. 

When you buy Ultra Essence Skin Care products, you don’t have to guess how and where your products are being created or where your money is going. All of our cruelty-free products are manufactured right here in the USA without dangerous chemicals that are harmful to you, your children and the environment, while we use fair trade practices and profits that benefit the people right here in America.

We know that you want what’s best for your family and your loved ones and that’s just another reason to buy our skincare products. You should know that WE also want what’s best for you and your family and that’s why our products are proudly made in the USA.

Shop Ultra Essence Skincare products for hydrated, milky soft skin, renewed healing, even skin tone, fewer wrinkles and comments from everyone asking what you have done to look so young!

Christa B. Kantner is an accomplished writer, researcher, graphic and web designer, marketing executive and entrepreneur. Christa has a wealth of information at her disposal to help people who are searching for a natural way to renew their skin and age beautifully. She does her best writing when she feels her readers need to become aware of the real facts instead of hype in the skin care industry.

The Udder Truth newsletter strives to raise awareness about the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare products. Christa writes about Ultra Essence Skin Care products because they contain a rich formula of natural ingredients that began over 100 years ago as a powerful healing balm for cow udders. Now, specially formulated for people, these udderly-fabulous skincare products transform problem skin to milky soft, age defying skin.