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Pump cap to dispense Ultra Balm 16 oz. jar, the best natural, daily moisturizer for all skin types to give you milky soft skin.

Yes! Add Pump Caps to your order - Can only be ordered as an add-on to other product(s) - Fits on Ultra Balm jars only

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Can not be sold separately. Our convenient pump cap makes it easy to dispense Ultra Balm moisturizer from a 16 oz. jar with the precise amount of cream needed. It also makes the dispensing process more sanitary, helping control the spread of germs. Made of sturdy plastic, our pump cap is heavy duty and easy to pump. Enjoy the convenience and no-mess application of Ultra Balm using our very popular pump cap.


Just remove the lid on your Ultra Balm jar and replace it with our convenient pump cap, then pump it a few times until the lotion is pumping out.